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Haven Homes Winter League Report and Movie

Matchday 7 – Haven Homes Winter League at Rowany

Christmas came early for the league leaders Tyson Trev and his Geordie hitman. It was dubbed ‘match of the day’ by a reputable sports forecaster but became a walk in the park for the men at the top.

Newton’s obscure approach to putting and ‘new to golf’ Glover’s inexperience on the links caused a 5+4 score. The match was built up showing promise but fizzled out like a Klopp Premiere League campaign. Being blessed with awkward thumbs, the Nottingham social media guru was bashing away reports of the win to his massive Facebook fanbase before he touched a pint!

Desmond O’Hare and Marc Morley managed to lose again this week. The skilful O’Hare must feel like he’s dragging a sack of spuds around the fairways in this uneven partnership. Jack Gilbert was assisted by another member of the Rowany Hall of Fame – Andy Cain. The classy swingster simply glides away his irons in a sublime fashion. A canny 2 on the 13th led the way in a 4+3 victory.

The ‘pipe and slippers’ pair of Dave Corrin and Allan Tasker were cruising to another comfortable victory. 3 up with 3 to play had the pair relaxed and extolling the joys of wearing cardigans and Perry Como on the turntable on Christmas Day.  Holty and the younger Corrin had other ideas and mounted an epic fightback on the closing holes. The masterchef Holt applied the care and precision that is normally spared for his gourmet cheese toasties and snatched a half on the last.

Rowany Golf Club’s new vice captain Mark Walton and Paul Thomas finally got their act together and claimed an easy 3 points against John Cairney and Steve Gandy. The ‘tantrum meter’ was set a meagre level 4 this week and it was game over on the 17th green.

It’s never a good sign to be bottom of the table at Christmas time and it’s looking very grim for Coz and Orry Teare. In a match against Kevin/Stacey. Holes were given away as the impish O’Loughlan weaved his Irish magic. This included 2 on the tricky 8th. Coz is staring into the abyss with Teare. It’s a story of runaway trolleys and if he continues to drop shots like he does brigade radios, the pair are going to be sizzled.

The final game included Bunty Howarth stepping in with Neil Gray this week. Up against the robotic duo of Power and Neale, it looked like an automatic 3 pointer for the android twins. Gray’s pre match preparation was honed on a cider infused Courthouse dancefloor only hours before tee off. Taking 9 shots in the bunker on the first had their opponents computing an easy win. Gray had other ideas and spurred by his mum’s passionate online support, the 26 handicapper scored par after par racking up an enjoyable win. Power and Neale are performing like a broken ZX81 and welcome a festive break.

Panorama and the Isle of Man

Some of you may have seen the Island featured in the recent ‘Paradise Papers’ expose. So far, very little substance and a feeling that the journalist had embarked on a fishing expedition. He’ll have to make a ‘chippy stop’ on the way home based on those findings.

Many folk in the UK will have a different view of our Island following the broadcast. Knowledge that we are independent, innovative and operating to the statutes created and passed by HM Queen has to be impressed.

The Island is a fantastic place to live and visit. The treatment by the BBC and Panorama did not present that fairly in my opinion.

With 8 stunning golf courses to share between 85,000 population, we are officially a ‘Golf Haven’.

Just for fun, we’ve created the special ‘Paradise Papers’ golf tour for you to check out!

Click on the pic!

The Manx Pound Kills the Euro for value!

The Isle of Man is proving to be a refreshing alternative to the European golf break option.

Travel to Europe means massive waiting times at the airport, security checks galore and an exchange rate to make an tourist weep. Too much for many. Here on the Isle of Man we have 8 courses to enjoy and the cost of a break is much more affordable. A pint of Manx bitter hovers around the £2.90 mark and food is good quality and plentiful.

Check out the offers page and enquire about booking a memorable break with a friendly golf tour operator.

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The 2018 Full Hit Challenge

Are you a seriously extreme golfer? This will be right up your fairway then!

Take on the Isle of Man Golf 2018 Challenge!

Event only open to extreme golf enthusiasts!

8 courses in your 5 day break – You have to keep a card as Isle of Man Golf Holidays will be awarding FABULOUS prizes to the best scorers in 2018.

Handicap competition playing from yellow or red tees. Cards must be submitted to Isle of Man Golf Holidays and the event shall be played in the best sporting conditions and with compliance with the Rules of Golf.

  • 1 Round at Peel
  • 1 Round at Castletown
  • 1 Round at Mount Murray
  • 1 Round at Rowany
  • 1 Round at Ramsey
  • 1 Round at King Edward Bay
  • 1 Round at Port St Mary
  • 1 Round at Douglas
  • 4 Nights accommodation with breakfast at the 4* Mannin Hotel in Douglas
  • Twin room sharing
  • Minimum group size 2
  • Price with transfers included – £449


Take part in the Isle of Man ‘Tee Tee’ Challenge!

We’ve created a fabulous offer here – play all the courses for £199 and take part in an exciting competition.

The Isle of Man Tee Tee Ticket.

The complete golf experience on the Isle of Man.

Moving around from course to course you’ll no doubt get to see the World famous Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Circuit. Home of the road racing greats – Dunlop, McGuinness, Hutchy and many more.

Why not take part in the exciting Tee Tee Challenge 2018? Complete all the courses in 7 days, submit your scorecards and you will be entered into a competition to win £100 of fabulous Dangerous Golf Clothing! (Net score on all the par threes of the eight courses!)

Quality hire sets are available – please ask for details.

Play each course once

  • Castletown Golf Links
  • Douglas
  • King Edward Bay
  • Mount Murray
  • Peel
  • Port St Mary
  • Ramsey
  • Rowany

Complete the contact form below and we’ll take care of the rest during your stay on the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Tourism

Had a spot on our National Radio station today, here is the link

Chatting about the benefits of golfers to the Manx economy. We have 8 courses here on the Isle of Man and some significant investment at Government level will generate revenue for the bars and restaurants. (As well as out fabulous golf courses and hotels!)

This will lead to retaining and creating jobs and making the Island a number one destination for golf.

The cost of the Euro and expensive golf prices abroad are an opportunity for the Isle of Man to ‘get a grip’ and promote our amazing golf offering.

Our Links are superior than many you see advertised on golf travel sites and a lot cheaper. Golf groups galore make a return trip and appreciate the quality of the golf here. Add to that, the beer and food and you have the best recipe for a golf break.



Time to think about your 2018 Golf Tour

It is time to think about your golf tour in 2018!

Visit the friendly Isle of Man and enjoy a memorable golf break.

We have 8 courses to play and they are no more than a 25 minute drive from Douglas.

Choose from many different hotel options.

Mini bus transport is available and your guide will look after you on tour. Many of our groups return year after year to enjoy the friendly welcome from Isle of Man Golf Holidays. You’re award winning service has been a success in golf tourism since 2011 and knows exactly what the golfer requires whilst on the Island. (Great rates, relaxed tee times, good hotel and direction to all the best food and drink stops!)

Our prices are super competitive!

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Book Your 2018 Tour!

It is that time of year again!

Time to gather your golfing pals together and plan next year’s unforgettable tour.

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