Tour Favourite for 2018

Bookings are surging ahead for golfers visiting the Isle of Man. The season is filling up nicely with groups of men and women choosing our Island to come and play.

It could be the excessive cost of the Euro or insane green fee prices in Spain and Portugal that is causing this. Our message to golfers is reaching far and wide. The recent move by the Isle of Man Government to invest in media has paid off in certain quarters. The Island doesn’t have any security issues and is a very safe and friendly place to visit – this is now a factor with many of our international guests.

Our groups love the fact that the fairways are very quiet when they play and there are warm and friendly welcomes at the clubs. Your tour operator, Ged Power has been managing golf tours since 2011 and handled 1000’s of golfers. He knows how to make the experience memorable and fun.

Isle of Man Golf Holidays own two mini buses and are fully licensed and accredited. The flexibility of enjoying tailor made tours wins every time and hence, many of our groups return year after year.

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Haven Homes Winter League Golf Report – Matchday 2

Match of the Day featured the Island Champion Tom Gandy and young Jack Gilbert taking on the ‘fossil’ brothers Coz and Orry Teare in an encounter that had more shots than Russian vodka bar. Gandy was fresh out of the blocks taking a cool £20 on the first hole with nearest the pin in two. However, the craggy couple of ‘Industrial golfers’ gradually wore down the younger opposition to a dormy score by the 15th. Gandy had to post a two on 16 to keep the game alive. A further win on 17 meant the game was going down the last. A steel eyed Gandy snorted a fairway ripper into the breeze. Feeling the tension and the opportunity to take a point from the Island’s number one Pro tour golfer slipping away, the pressure caused a couple of iffy tee shots. Teare fell by the wayside as his ball landed first green. Coz somehow managed to savagely ‘clump’ the ball to the front edge of the putting surface in 3. Gandy and Gilbert glanced at each other knowing that a memorable half was going to be on the cards with makeable birdie putts on standby. Coz had other ideas and rolled in a freak downhiller which bounced in off the back of the hole. Gandy’s face says it all.

Gandy’s Goose Cooked!

Marc Morley and Douglas O’Hare scored 7 birdies and closed out Dave Corrin and Alan Tasker in a comfortable win. Marc furnished himself with a share of the two’s sweep and his partner Dougie looks like a competent golfer in the making.

Billy Newton and Orry Glover found themselves in the driving seat against a Neale/Power combo who couldn’t find the right gear after 7 holes. The crafty introduction of Orry’s love of cricket became the topic of conversation and this took him back to the crease. Rolling back the years, Glover’s golf swing morphed into a sad series of square cuts and cover drives with holes being gifted. The back nine was akin to an England batting collapse and it was ‘stumps’ at lunchtime for the sponsor’s team.

The day’s most gritty game meant another win for table toppers Big Trev and his hitman. Cairney and Steve Gandy were subjected to Nottingham’s very own ‘Robbing Hood’ with a collection of outrageous up and downs from the wilderness. Tyson Trev loves a bare knuckle fight and delivered a knock out 4/3 win.

The relegation battle was scooped by Neil Gray and Brian Hewett. The panic was raised before the match when it was rumoured that the beleaguered actor Kevin Spacey was on the tee. However, it was actually Kevin and Stacey turned up for a bit of a spanking.

Stacey spotted on the Island

Following last week’s poor game, Pete Holt and Dickie Corrin spent time looking for inspirational measures to enhance performance. As it happens, Holty is a devoted admirer of the planet’s most successful football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Holty’s evenings used to be spent studying gourmet recipe books for tomorrow’s menu ideas. This has changed to worshipping his idol with constant reruns of the 1999 European Cup Final on TV or settling down to read one of Fergie’s inspirational books about winning ways.

Holty’s ‘Theatre of Dreams’

The day before the big game Holty thought it would be a great idea to take it one step further to treat his partner to an inspirational visit to the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. The tour of the stadium paid off and their golf shined against the formidable Addy and Wilf.

Holty remarked ‘Apart from the ground having much more character and history than stadiums nearby, the visit to Old Trafford’s trophy room was very inspiring. I had to tell Dickie that it wasn’t like the museum of ancient artifacts he’d be used to seeing. Explaining the difference between winning the Premiership as opposed to the ‘First Division’ also took some time but I think he got it in the end’.

Panorama and the Isle of Man

Some of you may have seen the Island featured in the recent ‘Paradise Papers’ expose. So far, very little substance and a feeling that the journalist had embarked on a fishing expedition. He’ll have to make a ‘chippy stop’ on the way home based on those findings.

Many folk in the UK will have a different view of our Island following the broadcast. Knowledge that we are independent, innovative and operating to the statutes created and passed by HM Queen has to be impressed.

The Island is a fantastic place to live and visit. The treatment by the BBC and Panorama did not present that fairly in my opinion.

With 8 stunning golf courses to share between 85,000 population, we are officially a ‘Golf Haven’.

Just for fun, we’ve created the special ‘Paradise Papers’ golf tour for you to check out!

Click on the pic!

Jet to the Isle of Man for Golf in 2018!

The Isle of Man is on Jeremy Corbyn’s radar this week as Westminster got briefed on the 957 private jets registered here!

In order to acknowledge ‘golf fan’ Corby’s free Manx plug to millions, we’re making a special offer for November.

We’re giving a way a box of 12 Pro V1 balls to the lead organiser of any fourball tour or more booked in November 2017.

Rather than suffering the hassle of buying your own jet and dealing with all that complicated VAT paperwork, take a trip on EasyJet from Liverpool. The fare is often less than £50 and flight time around 20 minutes! The fastcraft from the pier head takes less than 3 hours and is low cost by foot.

So why not make the Isle of Man a choice for a golf break next year?

Isle of Man Golf Holidays have looked after 1000’s of golfers since 2011. The friendly relaxed attitude and minibus transportation for your group makes a memorable tour. Our Island has a variety of food and drink options. Our local beer is very special indeed.

8 courses to choose from and a whole host of things to see. You’ll travel around the Island using the World Famous TT Circuit and see an Island packed with history and heritage.

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The Manx Pound Kills the Euro for value!

The Isle of Man is proving to be a refreshing alternative to the European golf break option.

Travel to Europe means massive waiting times at the airport, security checks galore and an exchange rate to make an tourist weep. Too much for many. Here on the Isle of Man we have 8 courses to enjoy and the cost of a break is much more affordable. A pint of Manx bitter hovers around the £2.90 mark and food is good quality and plentiful.

Check out the offers page and enquire about booking a memorable break with a friendly golf tour operator.

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The 2018 Full Hit Challenge

Are you a seriously extreme golfer? This will be right up your fairway then!

Take on the Isle of Man Golf 2018 Challenge!

Event only open to extreme golf enthusiasts!

8 courses in your 5 day break – You have to keep a card as Isle of Man Golf Holidays will be awarding FABULOUS prizes to the best scorers in 2018.

Handicap competition playing from yellow or red tees. Cards must be submitted to Isle of Man Golf Holidays and the event shall be played in the best sporting conditions and with compliance with the Rules of Golf.

  • 1 Round at Peel
  • 1 Round at Castletown
  • 1 Round at Mount Murray
  • 1 Round at Rowany
  • 1 Round at Ramsey
  • 1 Round at King Edward Bay
  • 1 Round at Port St Mary
  • 1 Round at Douglas
  • 4 Nights accommodation with breakfast at the 4* Mannin Hotel in Douglas
  • Twin room sharing
  • Minimum group size 2
  • Price with transfers included – £449


2017 – A memorable season and now planning for next year

Thanks must be given to the very kind Manx weather. We had the sunniest July in Great Britain and not one wash out for any of our golf parties in 2017.

Feedback from our guests has been valued. Nothing negative and plenty of praise about our golf tour offering. New hotels are coming online in 2018 and our biggest hope is for Mount Murray to be welcoming golfers following their exciting refurbishment.

News about the re-opening of Glen Truan isn’t too far away and the course would be another choice on your memorable golf tour.

Well done to all the Island’s green keepers for presenting our 8 courses so well.

Look out in 2018 for our new hire club collection for our Isle of Man visitors!

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