Haven Homes Winter League Report and Movie

Rowany Golf Club enjoyed a snow free zone as one of the few Island links to offer Saturday golf in Matchday 6 of the Haven Homes Winter League.

The big game was a top of the table clash packed with drama before any ball was hit. Shock news was delivered to the clubhouse that Geordie Paul was trapped under a giant sack of parcels at the Post Office. Miraculously, Big Trev had already arranged a former Island champion to take his place. Playing against title holders Addy and Wilf turned into a formality. The master tactician Trev outfoxed all and sundry by deploying Mike Rae. Known as ‘De Ice Man’ by colleagues at the Airport, Mike singularly froze out the old timers with a 4+3 win as Tyson Trev coasted alongside.

Holty was joined this week by the young Dale Corrin as Dickie was in the UK having facial hair remodelled. Taking on the pair from Gloomsville, a half point was shared in a match that featured a brace of twos and some streaky putting. The Thomas/Walton team are now signed off the happy pills until next week. Yet again, Holt was late into his bar duties in the clubhouse as the game went the full distance. Members are excited to hear that the current trend of pairing wines with fine food is arriving in the ‘restaurant’ soon. The a la carte specialist is drawing up a themed menu where gourmet egg and chips is complimented with a fine bottle of Blue Nun. Details to follow.

Tom Gandy was welcomed back from his exhausting modelling assignment in Portugal. Our very own club pro had a taxing time posturing golf fashion on camera in the sunshine. Being in the company of beautifully toned, gifted specimens all week came to an ugly end as he found himself on a cold first tee alongside David Stacy and Kevin O’loughlin. Whilst suffering from jet lag and other energetic pusuits, the Pro was assisted by Jack Gilbert to win 4+2 in a predictable game.

The Battle of the King Orrys didn’t happen as Bunty stepped in for one half of the Slag Brothers from Whacky Races. The whole game pivoted on ‘new to golf’ Glover capitalising on his generous handicap. Hole after hole was captured and the Newt idly watched. Coz’s contribution was a runaway trolley on the 11th plus an enriched recital of the Profanasaurus. It was game over on the 14th green and points awarded to Mr OZBETS and partner.

‘Ding dong merrily on high’ was the tune for John Cairney and Steve Gandy. A see saw game ensued as Django O’Hare and Mark Morley posted a very quick 4 up after 4. Morley’s mind wandered to the forthcoming United defeat at Old Trafford and the holes were clawed back. Cairney had the chance on 18 to win with a short putt but his Scottish influence activated and he missed. Half a point was gift wrapped for the opposition. Some compensation for Morley’s miserable Sunday afternoon in Manchester.

The seemingly robotic duo of Neale and Power suffered a cataclysmic hard drive error and will need re booting before any further golf. Completely outclassed against the ‘carpet slippers and pipes pairing’ of Allan Tasker and Dave Corrin who had more up and downs than a bride’s nightie. Tasker who has an interest in collecting unusual golf equipment was in great form. Armed with his two-sided chipper acquired from the Royal and Ancient Museum of Dubious Clubs, Tasker enjoyed an afternoon where everything went in. To make matters worse, he was using a Nitro Ace ball. It was a ‘delete all’ moment for Power and Neale on the 16th where the game was terminated.


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