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Haven Homes Winter League – Matchday 5

The OZBETS form book was turned upside down in Matchday 5 of the Haven Homes Winter league at Rowany Golf Club on Saturday. Game of the day showcased Pete Holt and Dickie Corrin taking on Marc Morley and Darryl O’Hare. It started well for Darryl and his new Taylor Made M2 set of woods freshly unwrapped in the bag. Driving the first green and a ‘shoe in’ birdie set the lads up for a fiery start. Darryl is a talented, low handicap ‘prodigy’ player with style and this ability pleasantly contrasts that of his partner. Good interplay had the pair ahead early doors until ‘Amen Corner’ when Corrin and Holt embarked on a festival of putting. A series of long, snaking slots bit their opponents where it hurt. The burly pair took control and the game was over on the 16th green. Holty was overjoyed to return to the clubhouse earlier than usual and was quickly busy in the kitchen helping Maria prepare delicious gourmet Chateaubriand steaks for the inbound golfers.

                                                                                                      ‘Well done on a rare win’

Allan Tasker and Dave Corrin eased another 3 points and move up the table following a comfortable win against Brian Hewett and Neil Gray. The 4+3 score was met with little resistance and gave the victors time to discuss the merits of wearing matching cardigans, slippers and pipe smoking whilst on the course.

                                                                                                                     Relaxed winners

Dark clouds followed Mark Walton and Paul Thomas for yet another week. There is very little harmony in this pairing. Wardrobe malfunctions galore, club tossing and Thomas’ trolley running out of energy to name a few bad happenings. Power and Neale received a gift wrapped 3 points. Walton hit one bum note after another and nobody was sure if Thomas was even present in the game. Neale’s crucial big putt for half on 9 sealed the deal. Ecstatic Power was the sole player sat with a 2 on the card in a roll over week. With £40 almost in the hand, the smug grin was shattered as news filtered from the course that Coz had scored an unlikely eagle 2 on 17. The ungainly duo of Orry Teare and Coz had surrendered another 3 points to Wilf Lowey and Peter Addison in a match of one sided skill as the result finished 5+4. Coz recovered from defeat quickly as his immense stroke of luck on 17 cut Power’s winnings by half. How pleasing.

So happy sharing the winnings with Coz

John Cairney and Steve Gandy got themselves back in the groove with a 3 pointer against Kevin/Stacey who are now locked in the relegation zone for Christmas time. The game was terminated with 4 holes to play and it seems that O’Loughlin’s practice regime being trimmed to a measly 15 hours per week is taxing his form.

Christmas came early for this pair

Having two Island Champions battle it out is a testimony to the Rowany heritage and a match between Mike Rae and Tom Gandy provided to be an exhibition of pure ball striking. The supporting roles from Orry Glover and Jack Gilbert provided little interest and the star of the day was Tom. A collection of birdies including a brave drive into the 14th green was too much for Rae and Glover and it was game over on 17. Pro golfer and England player Tom disclosed that he’s in Portugal this week on a male modelling assignment for golf wear. Excellent work if you can get it Tom!

Gandy flies the Rowany Flag

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Haven Homes Winter League Report + Movie – Matchday 4


Some big games and big scores settled as the teams are now posturing for position. Stretching their lead at the top of the table, Tyson Trev and Geordie Paul won a match closed out early on 15 leaving Coz and Orry in tears and pushed towards the garbage at the foot of the league. The craggy Manxmen were cornered by Trev’s doggish game that is always under the control of his Geordie master.

Orry Glover and Andy Cain timetabled a game to take easy points from John Cairney and Ian Howarth. The former Island Golf Champion (Cain – obviously) ticked over on low revs as his opponents produced a series of misfires and mishits and lost with a rather flattering score of 2 down. Members are overjoyed at seeing Orry ‘new to golf’ Glover playing so well.

Peter Addison and Wilf Lowey playing Tom Gandy and Gary Gilbert was an attractive contest on the card and didn’t fail to disappoint. Addy continues to challenge Father Time and matched many shots from the frustrated Gandy. Assisted by a very welcomed Gary Gilbert who was a made a living from golf in a former life, the pair just couldn’t break their opponents down and the match was halved.

The 2018 Vice-Captain (Mark Walton) and Paul Thomas had a brighter outlook this week and claimed valuable points against Neil Gray and John Taylor with a comfortable 3+1 win. Having around 50 shot handicap between them, a win seemed inevitable. Reports state that Taylor’s attire was a distraction. Wearing the 50 pocket ‘Artful Dodger’ coat, Taylor had to declare a ball lost on three occasions between holes as he’d forgotten which pocket he’d used following his many pick ups.

Rowany Golf Club experienced unusual happenings in the space time continuum on Saturday afternoon. The game involving Tasker and Stacey against Holt and Corrin was generally played in a weird slow motion. The game took at least 5 hours. Obviously, Holt’s concentration was in tatters as his urgency to get in and help Maria in the bar got the better of him. The game was halved on the final hole with a very cool Stacey slotting a 15 footer.

The time phenomenon played part in another evenly matched game. Internet sensation Marc Morley and his partner, Denzil O’Hare were in a fiery head to head with Ged Power and Toby Neale. The game was poised on the 12th hole for a win from Morley to make the match even. O’Hare and Neale had deposited balls up in the gorse to the left of the green, surely lost. Power was too busy asking himself if he had a matching outfit and forgot how to chip the ball. Incredibly, Neale appeared from the thick gorse like the tailor from ‘Mr Benn’ and produced a miraculous up and downer after an estimated 4 minutes and 59 seconds of searching for the ball. Eyebrows and murmurings were delivered and Morley was ‘fed’ up. His fight was over on 17 and points were lost.

Click on Image for movie

Matchday 3 – Haven Homes Winter League at Rowany

The Perfect Murder

Matchday 3 of the Haven Homes Winter League presented a scene from a high-quality drama. Rowany set a glorious stage show with a cast making memorable performances. By sheer coincidence, local theatre company Rushen Players are presenting ‘The Perfect Murder’ at the Erin Arts Centre this weekend and tickets are £10. Amazing value for a classic play with adult themes.

Back to the golf, and following a what could only be described as an ‘unfortunate accident’ last week, the Addy and Wilf pair took on a ‘Burke and Hare’ approach with killer overtones. As John Cairney idled towards the first tee to meet Steve Gandy, little did he know the carnage to follow. A murderous Addy ambushed the docile couple with birdie blows on 1,2 and 3. The victims were left stunned and staggering along the fairways and greens in a battered haze. Henchman Wilf stepped in with lethal body punches and the life of the game was extinguished on the 13th.

Lethal Duo

The feature match of the day showcased Island Champ and pro golfer Tom Gandy with Jack Gilbert playing against Tyson Trev and Geordie Paul. The game matched the hype and culminated in a final hole thriller. Nottingham’s ‘Robbing Hood’ stole a half with an ungainly shot on 18. Little merit was deserved as the flagstick got in the way of an errant, clumsy ball.

Dark clouds are hanging over Mark Walton and Paul Thomas. Languishing in the relegation zone, a 3 pointer was essential. Dave Corrin and the plucky Alan Tasker had other ideas. Thomas was seen brooding and seething as Tasker’s golf ball was on remote control with a series of lucky bounces all day long. Chipping in on 12 and a tricky 5 footer on 18 claimed half a point. Sources say that Thomas is occupied in the belief that his Saturday game is cursed.

Shock of the day was provided by Neil Gray and Ian Howarth. Taking on favourites Marc Morley and Derek O’Hare, the game was tied up on the 17th. The shots tariff was too much as Mr Gray bonded with his partner and whipped up an exciting win.

Spanked by Mr Gray

Toby Neale partnered with Neal Young against Kevin O’Loughlin and David Stacey in a game of two halves. The latter were 3 down at the turn and forced a fight back to all square on 17. Tee shots proved crucial and Stacey/O’Loughlin made it over the finish line on the last hole 2 up. Great to see Neal Young making his Haven Winter League debut.

Kevin/Stacey on 17

Everybody is delighted to see Orry Glover on the Rowany fairways this year. Being ‘new to golf’ and enjoying an eyebrow raising handicap, the OZBETS maestro played most of the round under par. Under the supervision of our Haven sponsor, the duo dealt what only could be described as a ‘lesson in golf’. Peter Holt and Dickie Corrin were sat down on the first hole and schooled into an A* diploma in losing. Following the handshake on the 14th green, Holt was witnessed nursing tearful eyes and mumbling to his depressed co loser complaints about shot allowances.

Sponsorship deal beckons






Haven Homes Winter League Golf Report – Matchday 2

Match of the Day featured the Island Champion Tom Gandy and young Jack Gilbert taking on the ‘fossil’ brothers Coz and Orry Teare in an encounter that had more shots than Russian vodka bar. Gandy was fresh out of the blocks taking a cool £20 on the first hole with nearest the pin in two. However, the craggy couple of ‘Industrial golfers’ gradually wore down the younger opposition to a dormy score by the 15th. Gandy had to post a two on 16 to keep the game alive. A further win on 17 meant the game was going down the last. A steel eyed Gandy snorted a fairway ripper into the breeze. Feeling the tension and the opportunity to take a point from the Island’s number one Pro tour golfer slipping away, the pressure caused a couple of iffy tee shots. Teare fell by the wayside as his ball landed first green. Coz somehow managed to savagely ‘clump’ the ball to the front edge of the putting surface in 3. Gandy and Gilbert glanced at each other knowing that a memorable half was going to be on the cards with makeable birdie putts on standby. Coz had other ideas and rolled in a freak downhiller which bounced in off the back of the hole. Gandy’s face says it all.

Gandy’s Goose Cooked!

Marc Morley and Douglas O’Hare scored 7 birdies and closed out Dave Corrin and Alan Tasker in a comfortable win. Marc furnished himself with a share of the two’s sweep and his partner Dougie looks like a competent golfer in the making.

Billy Newton and Orry Glover found themselves in the driving seat against a Neale/Power combo who couldn’t find the right gear after 7 holes. The crafty introduction of Orry’s love of cricket became the topic of conversation and this took him back to the crease. Rolling back the years, Glover’s golf swing morphed into a sad series of square cuts and cover drives with holes being gifted. The back nine was akin to an England batting collapse and it was ‘stumps’ at lunchtime for the sponsor’s team.

The day’s most gritty game meant another win for table toppers Big Trev and his hitman. Cairney and Steve Gandy were subjected to Nottingham’s very own ‘Robbing Hood’ with a collection of outrageous up and downs from the wilderness. Tyson Trev loves a bare knuckle fight and delivered a knock out 4/3 win.

The relegation battle was scooped by Neil Gray and Brian Hewett. The panic was raised before the match when it was rumoured that the beleaguered actor Kevin Spacey was on the tee. However, it was actually Kevin and Stacey turned up for a bit of a spanking.

Stacey spotted on the Island

Following last week’s poor game, Pete Holt and Dickie Corrin spent time looking for inspirational measures to enhance performance. As it happens, Holty is a devoted admirer of the planet’s most successful football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Holty’s evenings used to be spent studying gourmet recipe books for tomorrow’s menu ideas. This has changed to worshipping his idol with constant reruns of the 1999 European Cup Final on TV or settling down to read one of Fergie’s inspirational books about winning ways.

Holty’s ‘Theatre of Dreams’

The day before the big game Holty thought it would be a great idea to take it one step further to treat his partner to an inspirational visit to the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. The tour of the stadium paid off and their golf shined against the formidable Addy and Wilf.

Holty remarked ‘Apart from the ground having much more character and history than stadiums nearby, the visit to Old Trafford’s trophy room was very inspiring. I had to tell Dickie that it wasn’t like the museum of ancient artifacts he’d be used to seeing. Explaining the difference between winning the Premiership as opposed to the ‘First Division’ also took some time but I think he got it in the end’.

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